NIOSH-Approved Spirometry Refresher Course Components

1. You must have previously completed an eligibility questionnaire to determine eligibility to take this course and submit a copy of your full or Introductory NIOSH-Approved Course certificate.

2. You must complete a set of 30 pre-course question.

3. You must complete the on-line material of all 10 chapters and the answer ALL questions after each completed chapter, getting at least 70% of the answers correct. The chapters can be completed and saved allowing you to proceed through the course at your own pace.

4. You must pass the 50 question post-course exam with a grade of 70% or better.

5. Within 30 days of completion of the course post-course exam, you must submit, via fax, email or mail, 10 good quality spirometry test results (graphs must be included) performed using your spirometry equipment.  Note that both volume-time and flow-volume curves must be provided for each test in accordance with the ATS/ERS-2005 recommendations and NIOSH requirements (flow-volume curve used to evaluate initial portion of curve and volume-time curves used to evaluate the end of test).  In addition, at least 3 good curves must be provided for each test session.

Upon completion of the above requirements, the course director will review the above answers and submitted spirometry tests to determine if you will receive a certification of completion.  At a minimum, you must have answered all of the 94 chapter questions and achieve a grade of 70% or better on both the chapter questions and the 50-question post course exam.  After course completion, you must also have submitted, via fax, email, or mail, at least 10 good quality spirometry test results.  The graphs included for each test MUST show at least 3 good curves per test with the corresponding values for FVC and FEV1.   A repeatability or variability calculation for FVC and FEV1 must be included on the graphs -- written on the graphs by hand if necessary.  Additional test results may be required if the original submission does not include 10 good quality tests. The course director will provide you with a summary assessment of your strength and weaknesses based on the information provided in items 2 through 5 above.

The web-based course consists of the following chapter topics.


Chapter 1 - Overview of Pulmonary Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 2 - Overview of Spirometry

Chapter 3 - Quality Assurance Procedures

Chapter 4 - Spirometric Technique

Chapter 5 - Basic Spirometric Calculations

Chapter 6 - Comparison of Observed to Predicted Reference Values

Chapter 7 - Evaluating Changes in Follow-Up Spirograms

Chapter 8 - Overview of Standards for Spirometry Equipment

Chapter 9 - Examples and Exercises

Chapter 10 - Additional Exercises

You must agree to the Licensing Agreement before proceeding with the course.

You will have access to the site as a resource for one year after activation.   Course providers may require course completion in less than this one year access limit.

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